My position on the advisory board of Aira has given me the opportunity to speak at the most recent NFB convention, take part in the AT&T Experience More campaign, and contribute to the expansion of Aira’s services. Earlier this month, we were proud to announce Aira’s partnership with the Houston Airport System to bring the Aira service to both George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and William P. Hobby Airport (HOU). Blind and low vision passengers can now use Aira minutes free of charge while on site so long as they

Tet, or Vietnamese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year), follows the lunar calendar, which is why the new year falls on a different date every year. This year, Tet is Friday, February 16th. In the many days, and even weeks, leading up to the new year, families prepare for this most celebrated of holidays by cleaning their homes, buying new clothes, paying back their debts, and cooking foods like banh chung to give away as presents or festive dishes like fried spring rolls, which

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, and though the hubs and I never celebrate with much fanfare, sometimes it’s a good excuse to cook a nice meal together at home. Everywhere I go, people often ask if the hubs cooks at all. The truth is, he is a great cook. He is the workhorse behind all of my pop-ups from Houston to Hong Kong, and he’s the source most of our friends go to when they have culinary questions. (Maybe they all think I don’t want to talk shop on my off-time.)

Sunday is the Super Bowl, and if you’re hosting or going to a potluck, here’s an easy, game-worthy dish. Even better, it’s healthy for those of you who are trying to eat less carbs this year. Best yet, you can pull the whole thing together in less than an hour in your Instant Pot. I’ve made this recipe on my former cooking show for the vision impaired, Four Senses, so if the Blind can do it, you can too. Recipe: Green Chili with Chicken | Chili Verde Notes: Making this

This year, I got my banh chung practice in a month early because I was asked to do an interview with Vietnam Television for a Lunar New Year special feature to air around Tet, which is February 16th. After the usual sit-down interview, we shot some B-roll of me making banh chung with Alvin, my partner-in-crime when it comes to Lunar New Year food experiments. Alvin and I attempted banh chung for the first time last New Year’s, and I dare say, our skills have improved vastly since then. A

Back in October, I was invited to collaborate with Alvin Schultz of MasterChef fame and cook at the Eat Drink Experience Underground. The Underground is a supper club based in Houston where each event is an intimate dining affair with a highly creative, themed tasting menu. For this particular collab, we did a brunch-themed tasting with thirteen courses plus cocktails. It was a lot of work but worth it—I was given the opportunity to flex my culinary creativity with a friend and gain hospitality experience. A huge shout-out to the

If I had to pick my top five noodle soup dishes, won ton noodle soup would definitely make the cut, along with pho, ramen, and bun bo Hue. (I know that’s only four noodle soups—I’m not sure which would be the fifth.) There is something so comforting, savory, and yet so simple about a bowl of egg noodles in chicken or pork broth with morsels of shrimp and pork wrapped in delicate skin. Won ton noodles (or mi hoanh thanh as it’s written in Vietnamese) is a dish originating from

Before ringing in the new year with a healthy vegan recipe, telling you about my recent snowboard trip to Whistler, and filling you in on our Christmas plans, I was narrating my last travel to Vietnam where I finally found the best bowl of pho in Saigon. During this vacation, my family and I also took a road trip to nearby Vung Tau, a quaint beach town about a two-hour drive from HCMC. In the town of Ba Ria on the way, we stopped for a quick bite at Banh

Happy new year, and welcome to 2018! I don’t really make new year’s resolutions because I believe self-improvement is something on which one should constantly work—I guess you could say I believe in year-round resolutions—but for most people, a new year marks new beginnings, a newer and improved version of yourself. This means many resolutions to the tune of “I’m going to lose X pounds” or “I’m going to get in shape” or “I’m going to eat less carbs” or “I’m going to eat less meat.” Resolving to be happier

You don’t fear what you don’t see. That’s my motto when it comes to why I decided to pick up snowboarding after I lost my vision. I snowboarded for the first time five years ago and have gone on an average of one trip (2 days each) per season. I skipped last season, so when we booked this trip to Whistler, I was nervous. I felt like the new kid in school: new mountain (I’d only been to Breckenridge), new instructors, and I hadn’t been on a board in two

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