Ca ri ga (chicken curry) is a stew-like dish eaten as a main course. It’s perfect for those cold winter days but because my husband and I have been on a French baguette kick ever since our honeymoon in June (more on that later), I decided to cook up the perfect accompaniment to the baguette. France has a presence in Vietnamese culture due to the French colonization of the Indochine region during the 19th Century. This is why some of the vernacular transferred and why the baguette is used in

Valhalla 6100 Main St. Houston, TX 77005 713-348-3258 $ 5/5 pints I love dive bars, smart people, and cheap drinks. I got all three at Valhalla, a hole-in-the-wall bar located in an old chemistry building on the Rice University campus. We only happened upon this place thanks to a friend of ours who is a Rice alumnus. There is practically no free parking, but it seems the thing to do is just park alongside the road and leave your hazards on. We were skeptical at first but saw several other

There is a lot of excitement and pressure surrounding the first post of a new blog. So I decided to ignore all that and get straight to the point by simply blogging about the latest incident in my life that involved either eating, cooking, or not-seeing. And it just so happens to be the latter. Today I went in for my second Rituximab infusion of 2010. (The first one was 13 days ago.) In terms sans physician’s jargon (let’s call this Rituximab 101), Rituximab is a mild chemotherapy that the

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