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Just wrapped the satellite media tour with @jbastianich. Tune in tonight to the #masterchef season 4 premiere at 8 PM ET/PT on FOX. #twt #cha #fan #blog via Instagram

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With @jbastianich on @huffpostlive discussing #masterchef. See the segment at #blog #twt #cha #fan via Instagram

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Watch me today on @rachaelrayshow promoting my cookbook! For local listings, go to #twt #blog #fan #cha via Instagram

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Out of all the press I do, being on @TellMeMoreNPR Is always a highlight. Catch the show here if you missed it: #nprnerd #twt #blog #fan #cha via Instagram

My cookbook, Recipes from My Home Kitchen, releases today!

FINALLY! There’s been so much anticipation. Thanks to everyone For the support. Go here to find out where you can get a copy.

I am Christine Ha, ask me anything: My first Reddit AMA

Last night, I held my first AMA–Ask Me Anything–(or is it IAmA–what is the difference?) on Reddit. I’d made the front page of Reddit last year (which apparently is a big deal), and I’d been getting requests to do an AMA since then. So I acquiesced, and I must say, it’s quite fun. Christy Turlington and The National also did AMAs on the same day as me. Obama’s AMA is the most popular AMA to ever have been done. If you missed mine last night, here is a link to read my first ever AMA. Enjoy!

P.S. As a boost to my own ego, I wanted to see how my AMA measured up to Christy Turlington’s–I had 478 comments while she had 34. I beat out a supermodel in a popularity contest on Reddit! Nerds reunite!

Q&A with Graham Elliot, chef and MasterChef judge

Ten more days until my cookbook release! I can’t believe it, but it sure has been a long awaited milestone. I will be in NYC for my cookbook launch and the ”MasterChef” season 4 premiere—stay tuned. And for the Houstonians, there is a book signing slated for June 11th at Brazos Bookstore—I’ll have more details about that later.

For now, you can still pre-order my cookbook, and as a bonus, here’s a Q&A I did with Graham Elliot—he asks me what I’ve learned since being on the show and which of my recipes best represents my life journey and me. What do you think of the Q&A? Let me know with a comment.

Release date of my cookbook is May 14, but you can pre-order today

I got my advanced copy in the mail recently, and I sniffed the pages for, like, four minutes. No, it’s not a scratch-’n-sniff cookbook (though that is not a bad idea); as a lover of books, I just like to smell the new pages. I can’t wait for all of you to have your own copy in your hands. My hope is you’ll enjoy both reading and cooking from it. Pre-order your own copy of Recipes from My Home Kitchen today.

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