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Because I live in Houston where there’s a United Airlines hub, I frequently fly United. I thought it would be fun to shoot a series on my YouTube channel in which I do a true blind taste test of the three snack boxes available on UA flights. [Embed][/embed] I taste each item, guess what they are, and then give my rating. When my stomach growls thirty thousand feet above ground, these snack boxes are my go-to purchases—I like the variety inside (remember my palate gets bored easily. [Embed][/embed] They may

After my holiday in the United Kingdom and Ireland, I got the chance to return to London to film a CNN International series called “Inspirations.” The particular episode on which I was featured was entitled “Breaking Boundaries,” and it included a panel of guests who achieved great things in spite of living with disabilities—watch above. The hubs and I arrived a few days early to enjoy London and, of course, eat. Day 1 in London Hopper’s London’s known for amazing south Asian food, so naturally, our first meal upon arrival

I’ll be honest. I used to loathe Dallas. There’s a longtime rivalry between my hometown of Houston and its northern neighbor. There are the natural sports rivalries, like the Rockets versus the Mavericks and the Texans versus the Cowboys, but there’s also this impression Houstonians have of Dallasites as being uppity and from oil money, your typical ten-gallon hat touting male with his blond big-haired trophy wife. Conversely, we Houstonians are generally proud of our ethnic diversity tendency toward blue collars. But after several trips to Dallas to see my

In my latest Christine Tries episode on my YouTube channel, I do an unboxing video of Tokyo Treat, a monthly subscription-based service that offers unique Japanese snacks and candies delivered straight from Tokyo to your door. For just USD $14.99 a month, you can get a new Tokyo Treat box shipped to you or that Japanophile friend of yours. The box Tokyo Treat sent me had 16 items in it, more than plenty to satisfy a month’s worth of cravings. Watch me do a true blind taste test: I try

The last time I was in Chicago was for AWP, the large national writer’s conference. The time before that was when I was in seventh grade, and our middle school orchestra was invited for an international clinic taking place in the Windy City. Needless to say, I’d never been to Chicago for pure leisure, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally visit Chi-Town for real for the first time in my 30s! Day 1 in Chicago Lou Malnati’s Avec Blackbird Aviary Tickets from Houston to Chicago are

I had fun doing this YouTube collaboration with Tommy Edison of The Tommy Edison Experience, also known as the Blind Film Critic. Little did I know I’d actually spoken with Tommy years ago when I was on a press whirlwind during the airing of my season of MasterChef. At the time, Tommy was still a traffic reporter at a radio station back east (he followed traffic by listening to police radar—isn’t that something?). And now we meet again for these collars. I think Tommy is a great co-host, don’t you?

Chu mung nam moi! I recently posted a recipe for Vietnamese New Year square cakes, or banh chung, and as promised, here is the YouTube video showing me attempting banh chung for the first time. All I gotta say is, mad respect to Grandma! Wrapping it is the hardest part, and then getting it cooked just right is second. But, like with all things in life, if you’ve stopped learning about food and cooking, you’re no longer living. I think I’m pretty brave attempting to make banh chung without sight.

I started my YouTube channel almost five years ago, but it really wasn’t until last year that the hubs and I began pushing out content regularly. As an answer to a question I frequently get on my YouTube, I decided the first video to be released on my channel in 2017 would show how I cook without sight. MasterChef winner Christine Ha shows how the Blind cook got quite a lot of views and shares, and I’m proud to say it’s a well-done video for an amateur two-person production crew.

Coming up in two weeks, I’ll be returning to New York for a brain-stimulating conversation with neuroscientist and Johns Hopkins University professor David Linden at the Rubin Museum of Art. In its tenth season, the museum’s Brainwave series will explore the idea of perception. On February 3, Linden and I will discuss how perception extends beyond the visual, and how I developed my palate and cook without sight. Following our conversation, we’ll both be signing our respective books. If you’re in the area on February 3rd, please join us at

I can’t believe it’s been four seasons! The show just keeps getting bigger and better. Having been on Four Senses on AMI for four seasons, I’ve learned so much about food and the makings of television. This season, we’ve got a fantastic guest line-up that includes a lot of celebrities in fashion, design, radio, television, and more. In Canada, tune in to our season premiere this Thursday, January 5th, at 7:30 PM ET/PT on AMI. And if you’re not in Canada, check the Four Senses on AMI website shortly thereafter,

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