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instagram update

Happy #thanksgiving! The hubs @j5uh made turkey roulade & #sousvide potato puree w/ poached egg & chives. Mama-in-law made Korean wings, noodles & seafood pancake. And I made jalapeño & cheddar cornbread, broccoli rice casserole, sausage & apple stuffing & pumpkin cheesecake w/ Oreo crust. Happy eating! #cha #twt #fan #blog via Instagram

The weather was gorgeous: sunny but mild (to us Houstonians, at least—the headlines in London that day claimed the worst heatwave in a decade). We headed for Borough Market, the food stall mecca of London, but unfortunately, the market mostly thrives from Thursday to Saturday, and today was Monday. Most stalls were closed, but I managed to try a Scotch egg and an Indian dosa.

Here’s day 2 of my UK and Ireland summer holiday. We take a day trip to Salisbury to visit Stonehenge. It was everyone’s first time seeing the ancient wonder of the world but mine. I couldn’t even see or touch the rocks, so I was pretty disinterested, but I’m a team player, you know? The day was chilly, and while waiting for our train back to London, we ducked into an inn for a pint and a steak and ale pie. Dinner back in London was Indian and Pakistani food,

If you follow me on social media, you may have known I took a holiday in the United Kingdom and Ireland this summer. It was the first international leisure vacation I’d taken since 2012 when I’d gone to Japan and Korea with friends and in-laws. Yes, I travel much, but it’s mostly for work. UK/Ireland 2015 was a true holiday in every sense: no work events, no people to answer to, no phone calls—just me, some friends, and a whole lotta food and drink. The hubs documented our trip day-by-day,

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about eating Saigon. I love coming to Vietnam, if not to eat, then to at least see my pops and get hella cheap spa treatments. (A 60-minute full-body massage runs about $25 USD, and that’s some of the nicer places.) I also love coming to Vietnam and meeting interesting people. From the locals to the ex-pats, everyone’s got a story.

instagram update

Hubs got me this beautiful @johnboosco block for #Xmas…so I can cook him Xmas lunch in style. Merry Christmas, everyone! May your holiday be filled w/ peace, love, joy & good food! xoxo #twt #cha #fan #blog via Instagram

October 11 of last year, evening. Dinner was beef Wellington and glazed carrots. One couple had brought whipped potatoes, another a salad. After everyone had left, the hubs helped me gather dirty dishes into the sink. I pulled on my gloves and began rinsing the stemware. My cell phone rang. Who would be calling me so late? “It’s Monti,” John said after checking my caller ID. “I’ll call her back after I’m done with the dishes,” I said. My phone chimed again—this time, a text message.

My blog was on a little hiatus while I was in Toronto filming ”Four Senses” season 2–long work days with only two days off out of 22 was a bit of a blog buzzkill. But I’m back, baby! My last gastronomical travels took us to Denver, and if we are to follow my trips chronologically, we would land in New York City where I spent a few days mid-June for the 2014 Helen Keller Achievement Awards. But before we get on to the good eats, the purpose for my being

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