During this particular trip to Vietnam, my family and I took a road trip to Vung Tau, a beach town not far from Saigon but is made to seem far because of traffic. You can find very affordable vacation packages through travel agents in Vietnam (or at least that’s what my family tells me).

On the way to Vung Tau, we stopped at a noodle shop for some banh canhBanh canh is not my favorite noodle soup, but this place had the best version of it I’d ever had.

That night for dinner, we ventured out on the town to eat more noodle soup. This time, it was Chinese-style pork and won ton noodle soup. This, too, was damn delicious. You even get a little show watching the cooks toss the noodles high up into the air and catching it with a bowl.

I don’t remember the last time I took a vacation with my family, so this was a nice quick getaway together. Stay tuned for more on the two noodle shops in/near Vung Tau.

Christine & family at Vung Tau

Cheers with my fam


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  1. Quang says:

    Pho is the beys noodle in Vietnam.

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