Ever since my visit to San Diego where I gave a TEDx talk at UCSD, I’ve been involved with Aira, a start-up that uses smart glasses to connect blind and low vision users to live human agents for visual and navigational assistance. The above YouTube video shows me using Aira technology for the first time last year.

Christine wearing Aira glasses, San Diego

My first Aira experience

Like the pace of most successful technology companies, Aira has grown immensely and exponentially every year since I first met Sumon the CEO in 2015. Now, Aira has partnered with AT&T for the #experiencemore social campaign which culminated in a sweepstakes winner getting flown to Dallas to attend a Dallas Cowboys NFL football game with none-other than legend Emmitt Smith as their Aira agent giving the play-by-play.

Christine & John in front of Jerry Jones's bus

VIP ride!

I got to tag along and attend the game, too, and the hubs and I were super stoked. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to arrive at the innovative AT&T Stadium by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’s private bus, get access to the field during pre-game practice, and then watch the game from a suite with Emmitt Smith! I must say, this is probably one of the coolest experiences so far in life. Now I just need to worm my way into a Super Bowl game…

Christine & John on the field at AT&T Stadium, Arlington

On the turf

Aira was started and is based in San Diego, and I’m so proud of all the team has accomplished over the years. If you’re interested in enrolling in the Aira service or learning how to become an agent, or if you’re simply interested in reading more about Aira, visit Aira’s website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

And to see how you can #experiencemore with AT&T, visit the Experience More page, and see what events could be going down near you.

Christine & Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys

I grew up in legend #22’s era!


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    This is really good information. I had heard about Aira, but never really read anything in detail regarding it. Thanks for the info and I will be checking out more about this amazing piece of tech!

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