My last visit to San Diego was first and foremost to meet with Aira, a start-up service enabling the blind and vision impaired to navigate the world more independently. But more on Aira later. Let’s talk about what else I did in San Diego.

Day 1 in San Diego

We arrive in San Diego and walk to a nearby restaurant, La Puerta, to catch happy hour. The hubs and I order local craft beers on draft and some tacos and guacamole to share.

Then later on in the evening, we have a business dinner with Suman, the CEO of Aira, and his wife at Juniper & Ivy, which is Chef Richard Blais’s San Diego restaurant. I’ve eaten at his former Atlanta restaurant, The Spence, back in 2013 and enjoyed it, so I didn’t expect to be disappointed here either.

Day 2 in San Diego

In the morning, I visit Aira headquarters where I get fitted for my new Aira Glass (more on this next time). In the afternoon, the hubs and I check out the San Diego Zoo. It’s the first time for both of us, and we are enthralled by its vastness. The last time I’d been to a zoo, I was very young, and I remembered all the animals encaged in captivity. Here in San Diego, the animals live in a mini-wilderness. There are no cages, but rather large landscapes of jungle, forestry, and seawater, and the animals are right there in their element. Pretty amazing.

Afterwards, we dine at Ironside Fish & Oyster—when in San Diego, you gotta stuff yourself silly with seafood!

I love San Diego for its casual, laidback beach culture and its relatively slower pace than that of its northern neighbor L.A. Southern Californians, do you know how lucky you are?


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