I’m excited to announce a culinary collaboration with Alvin Schultz, a contestant on MasterChef season 2. Alvin also resides in Houston, so we became fast friends when I tweeted him back in 2012 that I’d be on season 3.

Alvin has been doing these cool Underground dinners—think of them like the Supper Club I did for Ikea Sweden where you dine on a multi-course meal in an intimate undisclosed setting with potential strangers-turned-friends. I’ve been to one of Alvin’s Underground dinners before and have eaten his food plenty of times, and Alvin is perhaps the most creative chef I know.

Alvin invited me to join him in cooking an exclusive Underground dinner in Houston for two nights: Saturday, October 7th, and Sunday, October 8th. The theme is brunch, so we’ll be drawing from our combined global travels and serve up an interesting thirteen-course menu of breakfast and brunch items from around the world. But, of course, as expected (unexpected?) from Alvin, there will be creative twists on every dish.

We haven’t advertised nor publicly announced the collaboration (until now), but through underground word of mouth, seats are selling quickly. We only have a few openings left, so if you’re in Houston and are curious about what kind of stuff Alvin and I cook up together, please email info@eatdrinkexperience.com to book seats or for more information.

Check out the Eat Drink Experience website to learn more about Alvin’s culinary services.

Hope to feed you soon!


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