I can’t believe it’s been five years since my own season of MasterChef! Last night, the show’s eighth season crowned their new American MasterChef on FOX. Although I haven’t really followed an entire season since season 4, I tuned in near the end of last night’s finale. Congratulations, Dino! And Ebony and Jason, you were amazing, too. Ebony, I admire your grit, and Jason, your finale meal is the one I’d most want to eat.

To commemorate my victory anniversary, the hubs and I released Five years after MasterChef: Q&A with season 3 winner Christine Ha yesterday on my YouTube channel. I must say, the hubs did a great job with editing and producing the video.

We start off with some random questions from the hubs and then end it with a montage of season 3 watch parties that had taken place around Houston the evening my finale episode aired back in September 2012. Every time I listen to these videos from my neighbors, friends, and schoolmates, I find myself cheesing at their enthusiastic reactions. What a great memory. Love you all! xoxo


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