There are multiple locations of Ham Ji Park: one on W. 6th Street, one on W. Pico Boulevard, and one in Buena Park. The hubs and I were told to go here for gamja tang, a comforting Korean pork neck and potato stew. This stew is one of the hubs’s favorite—he says it’s best after a night of drinking soju.

But this time, since the in-laws joined us in L.A., instead of a late-night snack, we had the gamja tang for early dinner.

The stew was very good, but I’ve had better (at where to be revealed in a later post). What really stood out at Ham Ji Park was there grilled pork spareribs which came out sizzling and hinted of gochujang, or spicy red pepper paste. They’re messy to eat, so I don’t recommend them as a first-date dish. But if you’re with family like I was, then anything goes—all of us tore up the ribs with sticky fingers, greasy lips,, and no shame. The ribs were succulent (as most pork spareribs are) and, in my opinion, the signature dish of Ham Ji Park.

Ham Ji Park
Multiple locations

Ham Ji Park gamja tang

Gamja tang, or pork neck and potato stew


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