My in-laws love visiting L.A. because they feel right at home in Koreatown—you can virtually get by with only speaking Korean.

Day 1 in Los Angeles

For lunch, we hit up Ham Ji Park, which was recommended by a friend for their gamja tang, a Korean pork neck and potato stew usually consumed late night after much soju.

After lunch, the mama-in-law wants to shop for Korean ingredients—red pepper flakes for making kim chi, to be exact—so we wander over to a Korean food boutique where I sniff a gigantic block of fermenting soybean paste (yum).

We then catch the sunset at the Griffith Observatory overlooking the Hollywood sign and pose for a family photo.

Christine & John at Griffith Observatory, L.A.

Just the hubs and me–mama-in-law is camera shy.

Day 2 in Los Angeles

  • Kobawoo
  • Eighth Street Soondae

Day 2 in L.A., and the hubs and I meet up friends to eat at two more Ktown spots. Then we head west to Santa Monica for a friend’s Malibu wedding. I miss living in L.A. for the weather and the beaches.

Day 3 in Los Angeles

For our last day in L.A., we meet up a smorgasbord of friends, including folks I met while filming “MasterChef” and our former neighbor in Houston, for dinner in Koreatown again. Quarters is supposedly part of the same restaurant group behind Kang Hodong Baekjeong, and it was delicious, but I prefer Baekjeong for their accoutrements (more on this later).

Korean food never gets old in L.A.!


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