All I can say is, best blueberry pancakes ever.

And everyone knows it, too. The wait on weekdays can Be well over an hour. On weekends? Expect a two- to three-hour wait.

The good thing is, like most establishments in New York, you can put your name and number on the wait list, and go somewhere nearby for coffee or cocktails (depending on your MO). The downside is, there aren’t too many options close by.

I loathe waiting more than twenty minutes to be seated, but I’ll do so on occasion if I believed the food worthy. And yes, these blueberry pancakes ($15) are worth it. They’re the perfect taste (buttery, sweet, fruity) and texture (fluffy). The clincher is the maple butter that comes with the cakes—it boosts the breakfast to another level.

Then you’ll want a side of bacon to make the meal complete. Most people say get the sugar-cured bacon ($6), but I think the double-smoked bacon($5) is a much better complement to the already sweet pancakes. Oh, and if you can spare some stomach room, get the cheese grits, too ($5).

Blueberry pancakes with maple butter, a side of bacon, and either a Bloody Mary or glass of OJ make for a transcendent brunch. Then go take a walk or nap afterwards.

Clinton Street Baking Co.
4 Clinton St. (At E. Houston St.)
New York, NY 10002
Phone: +646 602-6263


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