Dominique Ansel is best known for his original cronet, which was a portmanteau of a croissant and donut. On this trip to New York, I had a meeting not too far from his eponymous bakery, and so I decided to try my luck at getting a cronut afterwards.

We arrived at the bakery around 10:30 on a Friday morning and breathed a sigh of relief when the queue was short. Sadly, though, when it was our turn, the cronut had already sold out. We opted for a frozen s’more instead, and while the beautifully executed dessert was not cheap ($7 for one serving), it was a perfect balance of temperature, texture, and flavor. When you first bite into the frozen treat, you get the charred taste of a toasted marshmallow, which is achieved by toruchfire. Then you get crispy flakes of dark chocolate wafers before digging in to the vanilla custard ice cream center. It’s even served on a cute twig. Dominique does it again!

While sharing our $7 dessert, the hubs and I overheard other patrons talking about how you can call ahead and reserve or pre-order a cronut. Can anyone put any truth to this claim? I love croissants, and I love donuts—I need to try this cronut, even if I’m half a decade late!

The bakery’s got other bites, too, if you’re in the mood for savory, but dessert is for what he’s best known. I must applaud the ingeniousness of Chef Ansel, because he got me to pay $7 for a few sweet bites and not regret it.

Dominique Ansel Bakery
189 Spring St. (Between Sullivan and Thompson St.)
New York, NY 10012
Phone: +1 212 219-2773


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