After imbibing at Please Don’t Tell, the hubs and I parted ways with our friends and wandered down the street looking for a bite to eat. We stumbled upon this yakitori-izakaya type. It looked crowded without a horrendous wait, so we decided to step in and give it a try. After about a five-minute wait, we were escorted to a table towards the back. Oh! Taisho seems like your straightforward Japanese snack and socializing kind of place. Service is quick and just friendly enough to warrant no complaints, but it’s this sort of no-frills place that I absolutely dig.

First of all, the food was solid. We ordered some yakitori—chicken skins and hearts—and as with well-executed yakitori, it was simple yet grilled well. The char was aromatic but not overwhelming, the salt seasoning was light but noticeable. I enjoyed the grilled onigiri and adored the fries with kewpie mayo and cod roe—the roe gave the dipping sauce a mild umami, funky flavor. And who doesn’t love fries?

To drink, the hubs had a beer on draft, and I had a light and refreshing cassis cocktail.

The only thing we didn’t particularly enjoy was the rice ball, as it was neither interesting nor flavorful. My guess is it’s meant to be a filler if you’re still hungry.

And the best surprise of all came when the check was dropped at our table. The hubs and I snacked a good amount and each had a drink, and the bill totaled less than $50! That’s a steal in New York.

It’s the best feeling when you stumble upon a place all your own and discover its delights, just like that izakaya we found in Narita. Oh! Taisho is right next door to Yakitori Taisho, but as I have never been to either before this, I have no idea how the menus differ. Can anyone enlighten me on the difference between Yakitori Taisho and Oh! Taisho?

Oh! Taisho
9 St. Marks Pl. (Between 2nd and 3rd Aves.)
New York, NY 10003
Phone: +1 212 673-1300


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