Considering this New York trip took place back in February, I realize I really need to catch my blog up to my social media. That is, I need to catch my blog up to real time. In order to do so, I’m going to start putting all the videos on a single trip into one blog entry instead of parsing each day’s vlog out into its own blog post. That means you’ll get a fast recap of my travels via YouTube starting…NOW.

Day 1 in New York City

  • Xi’an Famous Foods
  • Maharlika Filipino Moderna
  • Momofuku Milk Bar
  • Please Don’t Tell
  • Yakitori Taisho

In the vlog above, it’s our first day in New York. This time, we travel with a friend. We food-hop from one Asian-inspired restaurant to another, covering Chinese, Filipino, and Japanese cuisines, with some dessert and cocktails in between.

Day 2 in New York City

  • John’s of Bleecker St.
  • Shanghai Cafe
  • Bar Goto

On our second day in NYC, it just so happens to be the hubs’s birthday. We try to get the famous cronut from Dominique Ansel in the morning, but alas, we are too late, and they’d run out. (I know some of you are probably thinking, “Christine, you’re eons late to the trend!”) But it’s true, I have yet to taste a cronut. Better late than never, I say, but I missed my chance again.

Oh well. There’s lots of other things to eat, like a frozen s’more, NY-style pizza, and soup dumplings. In the evening, some of us gather to celebrate the hubs’s birthday at Bar Goto, where the food is mediocre but the cocktails fantastic (more on this later).

Day 3 in New York City

  • Smorgasbord + Brooklyn Flea
  • Ramen Shack
  • Pok Pok
  • Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

It’s the hubs’s first time to Brooklyn, and after getting lost on the train—it’s like the blind leading the blind—we finally end up at the Brooklyn Flea, where we try a ramen stall. Then it’s a second lunch at Pok Pok, known for northern Thai food, followed by dinner back in Midtown for Korean BBQ.

In the evening, I have an interesting run-in with a homeless person in Midtown. The hubs didn’t catch it on video, but you can get the full report in the vlog above. Strangely, it is not my first run-in with a homeless person in Midtown. I think there’s something about me using a cane or a sighted guide that makes me appear vulnerable to certain people. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve also learned that you should stand your ground because, more often than not, they will leave you alone if you don’t back off. Most of them are just trying to instill fear in you, and when you stand up to them, they back off. But exercise precaution please! Don’t go around saying, “Well, Christine says I should confront all the mentally unstable people who approach me in New York!” That’s just been my own personal experience.

Day 4 in New York City

  • Clinton Street Baking Co.
  • Angel’s Share

Man, just looking back at these vlogs, I have to reiterate that New York is the best food city in the world! On our fourth day, I have both the best blueberry pancakes and one of the most memorable cocktail experiences ever. This is why I love New York!

Last day in New York City

  • Yakitori Totto
  • Totto Ramen
  • Fuku
  • Halal Guys

It’s our final day in New York, so last chance to get in good eats. For lunch, we have yakitori and ramen at sister restaurants. Then we pick up fried chicken sandwiches from David Chiang’s newish fried chicken joint, Fuku, and a lamb/chicken over rice from the original Halal Guys food cart on 53rd and 6th. This way, after the trek from Penn Station to Newark Airport leaves us famished, we’ve got some food to satiate our pangs.

Recounting these gastronomic adventures makes me excited for my next visit to New York. Stay tuned for my 2 cents on all these places.

Have you been to any of these restaurants in New York? Do you agree it’s the best food city in the world? If not, which city is the best food city?


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