Today is the second annual Dining for NMO Day. Last year, the inaugural Dining for NMO Day raise over $18,000 for the Guthy Jackson Foundation, which puts 100% of the donated funds towards research for treatment and an eventual cure for Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO), the same chronic disease that caused my vision loss. The GJCF has been a support community for me, and I’ve spoken at one of the NMO Patient Days before, which is why I try to support the foundation as much as I can.

Dining for NMO is a worldwide campaign. To support, you eat at one of the participating restaurants today, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the GJCF. In my hometown of Houston, Dak and Bop is participating, a Korean fried chicken joint with beers on tap, and on the other side of the globe in Ho Chi Minh City, Noir Vietnam is serving up a menu I designed to also support the cause.

If you’re not in Houston nor Ho Chi Minh City, check out this list of participating Dining for NMO restaurants, and eat for a good cause. And if you can’t get to the nearest restaurant, please consider inviting your favorite local restaurant to join us next year or donate directly to NMO research. Thank you! xoxo


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