I’ve waxed poetic about the banh mi thit—Vietnamese for meat sandwich (in this case, cold cuts)—from Banh Mi Huynh Hoa before, and now it’s time to talk about it again.

I believe the quality of the bread is a huge factor in the overall quality of the sandwich. Huynh Hoa’s bread is pillowy on the inside, crusty on the outside, and just tastes, well, like good bread. The pâté is generous, and the cold cuts have more depth of flavor than the many I’ve had in the U.S. When I bite into the sandwich, I feel like I’m in Indochina, the perfect intersection of Vietnam and France, where the condiments and charcuterie dare to be bold.

Of course, I have my own opinion on how the banh mi can be made even better—julienne the scallions instead of stuffing the stalks whole into the sandwich, for one—but I’m not the chef here. So until I begin slinging my own sandwiches, I’ll keep my mouth shut and happily stuffed with Banh Mi Huynh Hoa.

Doors open around 2 PM. Many locals believe the sandwiches here are expensive (about $30.000 VND or $1.50 USD each), but I’ve yet to find a banh mi in Saigon I like better. Yes, yes, I know I’m going to get a lot of opinions thrown at me here, so go ahead and disagree. Where can I find your favorite banh mi?

Banh Mi Huynh Hoa
26 Le Thi Rieng St.
Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: +84 83 925-0885

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