Summer’s nearly over, so all that television binging is about to come to an end. But fall also marks the time for season premieres, so if you’re a true American, you’re right back on the couch, just like the potato you were a month ago.

I’ve been on a Netflix binge lately (more on this later). And the awesome thing that allows me to watch (and I say “watch” in all hilarity) Netflix is my Apple TV.

The hubs ordered the latest fourth generation Apple TV when it came out last year. The cool thing about this one is, like so many other Apple products, it’s accessible. Yes, you do have to figure out which button does what on the remote first, but once you have that memorized, you’ll be flipping through shows quicker than your sighted spouse.

Triple-clicking the MENU button (top left, like a HOME button) turns on VoiceOver, just like it does on the iPhone. Now you’ll hear all the menus on the TV screen read aloud.

Another way to pull up a show is to hold down the button with a microphone (left side, second button from the top, like a Siri activation button) and speak your command into the remote—again, much like an iPhone. Say, “Play ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix,” and get ready to pee your pants (in a sentimental sort of way). (If you watch the show, you’ll know what I mean. It’s like X-Files meets the Goonies.) You can also tell Siri to pull up shows on Hulu and HBO Go. (Obviously, you need subscriptions.)

There’s a touch screen at the top of the remote, and it functions much like the touch screen on the iPhone or iPad: swipe right, left, up, or down to navigate on-screen menus.

The Apple TV will run you $149, and it would make for a nifty holiday gift for both the Blind AND the sighted.

Look at me. It’s August, and I’m already talking about the holidays. That’s true American consumerism.


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