Imagine showing up at an undisclosed location, sitting with undisclosed guests, and eating undisclosed food. I may skydive and snowboard, but I dare not be that adventurous. This phenomenon, however, is the supper club concept, which has recently become popular in Sweden.

The supper club gives people a chance to socialize, often with those they don’t know well (if at all) in a casual, vibrant atmosphere. The venue could be a restaurant; someone’s private home; or, in this particular case, a random urban flat in the center of Stockholm.

This supper club had been in the making for several months, but my being the guest chef wasn’t publicly announced until I’d set foot in Stockholm. I worked with Ikea Sweden (which, in Sweden, they pronounce with a short “i” sound rather than our American English long “i”) to design my ideal kitchen; I wanted a kitchen that had lots of storage space, was intuitive to organize, and aesthetically pleasing. (Yes, even vision impaired people care about appearances!) Ikea Sweden did an amazing job with this kitchen, and I was able to host dinner for two evenings, twelve guests per seating, without a hitch.

A neat and well organized kitchen is important to any chef, but it is an absolute must for a chef who has to cook without sight.

My personal kitchen at home is far from perfect or ideal. Whenever press/media or film crews come into my house, they always make remarks about my kitchen: “So this is where the magic happens, eh? It’s much smaller than I’d expected.”

No, I do not have a five hundred square-foot kitchen. I don’t have a Subzero refrigerator, nor a PolyScience chamber vacuum (yet!), nor even a Boos block. I have a tiny kitchen with very little storage space. My pots and pans are stacked on top of each other inside a hard-to-reach cabinet. My drawers have microplanes, thermometers, measuring cups and spoons strewn about. Oh, how I wish I could’ve tucked that Ikea kitchen away in my carry-on and taken it back to Houston with me. Perhaps the hubs will now have some DIY projects in queue.

Sighted or not, what would be your ideal kitchen? Do you have any handy tips for kitchen organization?

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about Stockholm, from things we ate, to sites we visited, to more stuff about the Supper Club!

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  1. Because it is something very cool

  2. Martin says:

    So cool to see you doing this, i watched season 3 masterchef and cheered for you from the beginning!

    You are truly Amazing!

    Hope the people here in sweden were nice to you!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Fredrik says:

    About a month ago I got a new nearby job with a generous lunch time, making it possible for me to get home and comfortably make and eat lunch, and while I was doing so MasterChef USA re-runs were playing every weekday during the lunch hour. I started with the semifinale of season 2, so it didn't take long for season 3 to get aired.

    It didn't take many episodes to make me start rooting for you, and today I watched the finale and you won! Hooray! And now when I decided to check up on what you're doing now, I see you recently was here in Sweden too! Very cool indeed.

    Anyway, just wanted to say congrats to all your success, you certainly earned it, and that you been an inspiration to become better in the kitchen!

    • Christine Ha says:

      Thanks for watching and leaving this comment. 🙂 Glad I could motivate you to become a better cook. What sorts of lunches were you preparing while watching MC U.S.?

      • Fredrik says:

        Usually potatos with meatballs, pasta with bolognese sauce, rice with cod or rice with pork stew. Been experimenting with some vegetarian stews too, trying to find the "perfect" one.

        One big kitchen goal of mine at the moment is to be able to make really delicious kroppskakor, like my grandmother used to make when I grew up. The ones so far been ok, but not great like hers.

        • Christine Ha says:

          kroppkakor sound pretty good. Wish I'd tried that while there.

          • Fredrik says:

            It's not that common, although a kroppskakor restaurant did open in Stockholm earlier this year named "Nalle & Kroppkakan" which I think is pretty cool, never heard of a kroppskakor-restaurant before! And that it's located just a few minutes of walk from where my sister lives is a nice bonus too.

            Anyway, what happened after watching you and Masterchef USA 3 is that I nowdays taste a lot more while cooking and also built up a larger library of spices instead of just the few usual ones, so for that I'm grateful 🙂

            Right now they are showing Hell's Kitchen reruns instead, and it's not nearly as interesting to watch unfortunately.

          • Christine Ha says:

            Thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed my season of MC and that it's inspired you to expand your spice collection. 😉 What have you been cooking?

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  7. Natalia says:

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