I may cook the food, but the hubs grows the food. Yup, that’s an aerial view of our urban garden above.

The hubs and I began our garden adventures a few years ago after we’d moved into our current home, which had a small (but garden beckoning) backyard. We started off with herbs in a few planters and then expanded to a raised garden bed made from trapezoidal wooden boards purchased from Costco. The hubs has since graduated to making his own wooden garden beds with cedar planks freshly cut at Home Depot. This year, we currently have three rectangular garden beds and fig, lemon, and lime trees (the latter which will come in handy in the face of this crazy lime shortage). The hubs has moved all of our herbs from their pots into the garden bed, and now we have a good amount of greens to sustain our gastronomic needs.

This year, Houston hasn’t seen much rain, but the hubs has combated this issue with an automatic irrigation system made with a timer and some soaker hoses. He’s even made a rain collector out of a 30-gallon trash can, but it’s in need of a little repair.

This season’s crops include sungold and roma tomatoes, kale, scallion, rosemary, thyme, basil, Spanish tarragon, and mint, not to mention the figs, lemons, and limes. We’re still waiting on our lemongrass, shallots, and garlic to grow.

It’s funny because I used to hate raw tomatoes as a child. I had to have them cooked, mostly in the form of ketchup. But now, I love raw tomatoes. I can’t wait to grub on some with extra virgin olive oil and sweet basil. Speaking of tomatoes, did you know storing them in your fridge completely ruins their naturally sweet flavor? Read this article on why, folks, you should seriously stop putting your tomatoes in the fridge.

It’s definitely a cool feeling to know the food on your table came from the soil in your backyard. It makes for much more respectful cooking and eating. Nowadays, so many kids think the origins of meat is a plastic wrapped, styrofoam container from the supermarket, and their carrots should always be perfectly shaped, bright orange nubs in a plastic bag. It’s good to know where the stuff you’re putting in your body came from.

Do you have a green thumb? What are some gardening tips for the rest of us pale green, brown, black thumbs? What are you growing in your garden this season?


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  1. @JeffD503 says:

    Well, I don't have much of a green thumb, but I'm learning. My grandparents kept a garden, and I'm trying to help carry on that tradition, mostly by helping and listening to some good advice. We do have a good-sized garden, and we've got corn, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, sweet potatoes (my personal favorite) growing, and we've got some grape vines too. There's probably some others I've missed, but those are the staples. You've got a nice sounding garden, that's for sure. Good luck with the lemon and lime trees. And I hope you get some rain down there.

    I agree wholeheartedly on how cool it is to know you've grown your food. There's nothing quite like a baked sweet potato that you planted and helped dig out of the ground. And there's a real difference in taste too, compared to the store-bought stuff.

    BTW: I envy you for being able to eat a raw tomato. I never got the chance, but considering the probably-mile-long list of food allergies I've got, I probably won't ever get the chance.

  2. @JeffD503 says:

    Well, thank you. Hopefully, it'll stay "fantastic" too. It's a long way to picking season yet. We almost didn't have a lot of corn to grow. Had a bit of a cold snap right after we got it in the ground. But it's coming up. I always joked that we should plant weeds and see if we got plants, since for a while we planted plants and got mostly a crop of weeds. 😛

    BTW: Unrelated to this post, but there's a batch of your green tea ice cream freezing as I type. Looking forward to finally trying it.

    • Christine Ha says:

      Let me know how the green tea ice cream turns out. One of my friends says she still thinks about it, and the other says it's the best green tea ice cream she's ever had. I think the key is to use matcha.

  3. hkmam says:

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  5. I once do gardening but the plants that is in my garden are tea plants for herbal tea. I love to have natural ingredients for my meals and drinks from my own garden.

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