In the midst of my NMO journey, I found the Guthy Jackson Foundation and attended my first NMO Patient Day in 2010. That was where I met Erin and Jenna, my two NMO partners in crime, and we started NMO Diaries shortly thereafter, an empowering resource for those living with NMO.

Three years later, and I am still coming to the NMO Patient Day, not only as an attendee this time, but also as a speaker.

Because I was unable to attend last year (the only once since 2010 that I couldn’t make) due to my post-MasterChef obligations, I instead contributed my voice to this neat little video produced by Wondros. The video was played at last year’s NMO Patient Day. And this year, I will be speaking at the event. In the past, the event was streamed online for those who could not attend in person. Visit the links below to learn if this year’s event will be accessible via the web. Hope to “see” you there.

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  1. Roshaida says:

    Very inspiring speech. Each time I watch a video of your speeches, I'm amazed at your composure, as public-speaking is an intimidating experience to a lot people, myself included. Excellent Q&A as well. I wish that I could attend any of your keynote addresses and hear your speeches in person. BTW, the "how do we see in the dark' video is nicely done.

    • Christine Ha says:

      Believe it or not, it was only recently that I've become comfortable with public speaking. It took 2 years of dozens of speeches and talks for me to finally not sweat and have heart palpitations. My mouth still gets dry from the nerves though, but I find myself sort of enjoying it now. Crazy, huh? I actually prefer the Q&A because it's more casual, plus I can hear people's responses. When I talk, everyone is quiet, and I always imagine them to be asleep or rolling their eyes. I like to put myself out of the comfort zone, which is why conquering public speaking was on my agenda.

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