Yeah, yeah…so this is old news. But I’ve only recently begun clearing out my inbox, and the hubster had sent this article about the world’s first Braille phone, but I’d only read it recently. The functionality is very similar to how a Braille display works. I’m not sure how competitive this device will be against such innovative Apple iPhones, but it’s nice to see advancement in technology for the visually impaired. Now if only they could make a plane where the cockpit controls are all in Braille so we could become pilots. Just kidding. Or am I?


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  1. J. Dent says:

    If they made a Braille plane, I bet you'd be the first in line at the FAA to get a license. If you could, what sort of plane would you park yourself in? Since you've already jumped out of a plane, I'd guess one of those little planes you could do stunts in.

    I know it's not the subject of the post, but I think that, one day, they really will have cockpit controls in Braille.

    • Christine Ha says:

      I actually get motion sickness in those smaller planes. I'd want to fly one of those classic Flying Aces type planes. Or Red Baron. COmplete with goggles and a flying red scarf.

  2. Actually, there are blind pilots, of course, not licensed (shame, that…) As for the braille phone, I hope something commes of it, but I'm skeptical. They claim a price of about $190, which makes me even more skeptical, knowing what I do about the current cost of braille displays. I'll be happy to be wrong though. Anything that will bring down the cost of refreshable braille is excellent in my book.

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