How the blind use Instagram

As you can probably tell by my many micro-blog updates lately, I’ve recently joined Instagram. Before my Instagram days let’s call it the dark ages—no pun intended), every time I took a photo, I’d have to open my Facebook app and post on my personal page, then open the Pages app to post on my fan page, then open Twitter to post to one of my three handles. What ended up happening was, nothing got posted. Simply because I got too lazy since it was all too tedious. My techie husband has been urging me forever to get on Instagram, explaining that he could use IFTTT to automate (like a trigger) where the photo posts from Instagram via the hash tags I use. How cool is that? And if you’re wondering how we blind people go about navigating Instagram, take a look at this video where Tommy Edison gives us a rundown on how the blind use Instagram on the iPhone. We can do just bout anything a sighted person does—just differently. Follow me on Instagram, and see how well/poorly a blind girl takes photos!

4 Responses to How the blind use Instagram
  1. Isabella Reply

    Hi christine since ou have instagram can i have your username please?

    • Christine Ha Reply

      My Instagram account is @theblindcook.

  2. @mysoulisgrey Reply

    This kind of blew my mind so I went ahead and followed you on instagram. You take some great pictures. Don't listen to what anyone says about people over sharing everything they eat on instagram. I love seeing what a master chef graces her palate with.

    • Christine Ha Reply

      Welcome to my Instagram! Thanks for following.

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