Hello friends! It’s been a whole year since I made my debut on the small screen. And now it’s a new year, a new season, and a new batch of contestants. I’m excited to see what happens this season and to find out, along with the rest of America, who the next reigning MasterChef will be.

I spent the last ten days in NYC promoting my cookbook, Recipes from My Home Kitchen, and the season 4 premiere of ”MasterChef.” The red carpet, TV spots, and interviews are all fun…but nothing beats being back in my home with its glorious bed; cozy kitchen; and, of course, my hubby and two terror dogs. (That’s right, I meant to say “terror” and not “terrier.”)

I got home just in time to catch most of the season 4 premiere. It brought back memories of both filming and watching my season last year. There was Natasha who made some yummy sounding empanadas, Jordan whose story about his mother reminded me of my own, Krissi who was surprised by her son’s appearance at her audition, James who is a fellow Houstonian (w00t!), and Luca whom I befriended during my season when he was in the top 100 (and when he sadly did not get an apron even though his mama came in all the way from Italy to surprise him). There was [shaved and skinned] beaver tail, mac-’n-cheese made with breast milk, and a robot. It seems they’ve pulled out all the stops this year. I wonder what’ll be in store during this week’s episode as what I assume will be the remainder of the top 100 auditions followed by a whittling down to the final cast after a challenge.

From this point out, I’ll be blogging my recap thoughts of the episodes at TVGuide.com—I’ll post a link to the entries here. Don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday at 8 PM EDT/PDT on FOX!


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  1. J. Dent says:

    As someone who's helped babysit dogs, I know what you mean about "terror" dogs. Of course, those days are over now that we have one dog that likes to be the top girl…most days she thinks she is and everybody goes along with it. XD

    Anyway, these were some interesting auditions this year. They're either pulling out all the stops, or they're trying waaay too hard to compensate. I thought that mac-'n-cheese was just plain weird. It cracks me up and freaks me out how far some people will go to try for an apron. I'm guessing with you that this next episode will be the last of the auditions. Maybe by then, I'll have my pick. Three years running, I've picked the winner. Let's see if it'll be a four year streak. If it is, I'm training for the wrong profession. lol

    Think you might tune in for Junior MasterChef when it airs in the fall? I wonder how kids are going to hold up facing Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich. Just watching, it looks hard enough for the adults.

    • Christine Ha says:

      I heard the MasterChef Junior contestants were amazing, and some could've competed alongside us in the adult MC kitchen. Yikes!I'll be curious to know who you pick as the winner. But because you have such a winning streak, I'm also sort of afraid to know. 😛

      • J. Dent says:

        That would be something. Seeing kids mixed in there among the adults. If they do it just like the adult MC kitchen, I can't imagine what those kids will be going through in the pressure tests. If a kid can make a molten lava cake, that would be really something.

        Well, you can rest a little easier then because I don't have the slightest idea yet. I know who I'm rooting for, and I know who I'm not rooting for. Right now, it's hard to get a good read on any of them. I don't know if you've seen it yet, but I will tell you someone did something very weird with lobster for the last audition, and it actually worked. I might have my eye on him just for having the guts to do something like he did and the ability to pull it off. I also have a feeling about Natasha, but I've been wrong before. I'm also rooting for Luca because he had it in him to try again. I've never seen anyone be willing to give it another shot. But only time will tell if this will be four for four.

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