Ten more days until my cookbook release! I can’t believe it, but it sure has been a long awaited milestone. I will be in NYC for my cookbook launch and the ”MasterChef” season 4 premiere—stay tuned. And for the Houstonians, there is a book signing slated for June 11th at Brazos Bookstore—I’ll have more details about that later.

For now, you can still pre-order my cookbook, and as a bonus, here’s a Q&A I did with Graham Elliot—he asks me what I’ve learned since being on the show and which of my recipes best represents my life journey and me. What do you think of the Q&A? Let me know with a comment.


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  1. That was an lovely Q&A, and I especially enjoyed your line about how diverse American kitchens have become. The sheer diversity of food in this country makes it great! I can't wait to pick up your cookbook this month!

  2. Bill Romance says:

    Congratulations on all your success … I was cheering for you all season and was always excited about your consistently great performances week after week …. It's also great that your cook book will be available in an Amazon Kindle edition, which will be great for other visually handicapped cooks …. Loved the Q&A you did with Graham … and would buy your book just for the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe alone …. Lots of love and best wishes for you and yours in the future … ☺

  3. J. Dent says:

    Great, and I'm not even close to being a Houstonian. 😛 I've been eagerly awaiting season 4 since season 3 ended, but it looks like we'll have more reason to watch (or record as is usually the case). Looking forward to all of it.

    I read through the Q&A. I enjoyed it all. I had to laugh at your comparison of yourself with an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. I've never heard anyone compare themselves to food before, and I'd say it's right on. After all, you had more heat under you than most anyone, putting yourself in front of Chef Ramsey, Graham, and Joe. I'd say I also identify with how you started in cooking, methodical. If I cook anything, I follow the recipe to the letter. Anyway, enough rambling from me. Looking forward to your cookbook. I can't wait to eat the recipes, just so long as I don't eat the book first. lol

    • Christine Ha says:

      Just a tip: the food made from the recipes will taste much better than the book. Promise.

      • J. Dent says:

        I think I can take your word for it, and I'll try to restrain myself. XD

        I'm especially curious to see what kind of desserts might be in your cookbook. Seems that's my area in the house since I'm always being asked to make them. But I'm looking forward to all of it.

  4. ibcheft says:

    I have to say I enjoy reading your interview, I know I will enjoy your cookbooks. I find cookbooks are like having a library of history, social, cultural, and life story books at hand, for food tells a story if we understand it. I can not wait to get yours and then I will be waiting for your restaurant.

  5. Penny says:

    I just found your blog, through a recipe someone posted on their blog. I didn't realize you had a blog! I followed you through Master Chef and have had your cookbook preorderd forever :-). I was thrilled when you won the contest. I am really looking forward to receiving your cookbook.

    I enjoyed your interview too.
    Penny http://www.fromharvesttotable.com

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