That’s right. I was in the middle of ”MasterChef” season 3 production. We had a break from the crazy production schedule because it was Easter weekend, and the remaining cast went out for brunch courtesy of a few favorite crew members. I still can’t believe it’s been a whole year! Do you remember/recognize all the faces?


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  1. I recognize everyone, but Monti seems to be missing. Did they really keep you on limited family contact during production?

    • Christine Ha says:

      You're right. I'd totally forgotten that Monti was sick that weekend, so she stayed in bed. And yes, we are sequestered. No cell phones or computers!

  2. J. Dent says:

    I recognize everyone too, although I'd say you're the most photogenic of them. Of course, I also like the look of, what I'm guessing to be, that box of donuts. lol One of my many weaknesses food wise.

    Hope you had a good Easter, one year later.

  3. P.Lê says:

    Christine, watched MC3 from Vietnam and love the show, love you even more, I'm extremely happy that our culinary culture is getting a gentle push by someone who is so elegant and talented. If you visit Vietnam someday, there're several places and restaurants that we can recommend for you.

    By the way, frog legs with pineapple is a very common southern Vietnamese dish, would love to see your interpretation of that and try frog legs for yourself 🙂

    Many hugs from your native land

  4. Eats Meets West says:

    Hello Christine 🙂 . You guys look very happy in this snapshot of your day off from production. I'm guessing that the brunch must have been good 😀 ? Though knowing it was Top 7, I'm sure the competition was intense!

    After seeing this picture and hearing about all of you going for brunch in L.A, I've kind of been dying to know what your hometown culinary scene is like – at least from your point of view. Knowing that you have an amazing palate sure goads the fire of my curiosity 😀 . Think you can tell us a bit about the highs of your hometown culinary scene in another blog post? I'd love to hear what eating out at 'home', so to speak, is like 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the picture with us!

  5. Roshaida says:

    Very nice photo, all of you look very happy and relax. What I like about Masterchef season 3 is the bond and the tight knit among the contestants, that resembles a big family. And as a family, despite some disagreements, you still support each other, happy for the achievements and sorrow when someone has to leave. I think the wonderful friendship is a good gift that anyone could take away from the competition. Thanks for sharing.

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