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Christine Ha tries Kind Snacks

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  1. j4wouldratherbecooking says:

    So very touching. Such a fan. You really are so very inspiring. Just amazing.

  2. James says:

    Love this! I was so excited when I saw this on my YouTube feed.

  3. sillygirl says:

    I was just given the name of a book about a blind cat – think you would enjoy reading it. HOMER'S ODYSSEY by Gwen Cooper. Would love for people to get over calling other people inspirational – a better title is pushing past fear. We all have a chance of doing that.

  4. Eats Meets West says:

    Wow Christine. This video is really insightful to how you came to where you are now. I can now see how the uphill climb to overcoming your struggles, day in and day out, is difficult – but as you go higher, the view just gets that much more amazing :') . Thanks for sharing your life with us 🙂

  5. ibcheft says:

    You are such an inspiration! you inspire us to not give up, to keep on trying till we get it right. I was always amazed with your dishes and how beautiful they looked during the show. After next year when I retire, I am going to a culinary school, I can cook but I lack the artistic ability to plate food, it always end up looking like I threw it on the plate. Thank you for keeping the drive alive in me, I have the passion for food but was getting frustrated with looks.

  6. Very touching and nice film

  7. Roshaida says:

    Well done to the jubilee project for this short film. Thanks for sharing your uphill battles and also for showcasing the support you receive from your loved ones especially your hubby. This is an excellent teaser for your memoir.

  8. A skilled chef should be filled with confidence otherwise it will become hard to showcase the extraordinary talent in front of masses. I liked watching the video.

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