“MasterChef” has been on hiatus due to the 2012 summer Olympics. I had mentioned on my MC3Christine Facebook fan page that there were no new episodes airing because of something pesky called the Olympics, and I got a little backlash from people saying I don’t support the quadrennial events by my statement. Apparently, sarcasm doesn’t translate well over the web. Everyone that knows me personally (and many of those that have “met” me in cyberspace via Facebook or Twitter) know that I have a very dry sense of humor—it doesn’t get played out much on the show because I guess the producers like to keep my image as a clean-cut, sweet angel. But in real life, I am incredibly sarcastic and possess a mean humor especially when it comes to my good friends. We all break each other’s balls, and it’s all outta love. And it’s true. I love humankind in general; I’ll always try to see the best in people. But if I ever start making fun of you, nine times out of ten, it’s because I love you enough and feel close enough to you to do so. The other one time, well, let’s just say I’m probably really just making fun of you.

Now that I’ve cleared up my reputation as a hater of the world’s greatest athletes, let’s move on to more important things (the sarcasm strikes again): MasterChef season 3. It’s coming back with a vengeance this Tuesday, August 14. We get the privilege (torture?) of taking over a Michelin kitchen. Here’s a sneak preview. Yes, Joe likes to play the villain. So before you lovely fans of mine go off and blast him with hateful words, remember that Joe is not an inherently evil man—he just plays one on TV. Or maybe that’s just the must-see-the-good-in-everyone side of me talking. Either way, please tune in to see how we two-left-footed amateurs handle cooking in a fine dining restaurant. Good luck to all; may the best cooks win.


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  1. Roberta says:

    Oh my God Christine, some people need to get a life! It's ridiculous that they criticized your comment! Jeesh….

  2. Ren-Yi says:

    or joe may have that same dry sense of humour 😉 anyways – everyone knows that good reality needs someone to always make a devil's advocate statement. Looking forward to the episode, and looking forward to watching the closing ceremonies tonight. What are you cooking up today ?

  3. Dwayne Eacret says:

    I can't wait I hope you win it all:)

  4. G-Ram says:

    I think I have a man crush on Joe.

  5. Francis says:

    I just saw the preview for next week's episode. I'm already confident you will win whatever next week's challenge is because you're a master at using fish sauce =] ! Keep it up, you're the highlight of my Mondays and Tuesdays when Masterchef is on haha!

    • Christine Ha says:

      Oh, but wait till you hear the twist!

      • Francis says:

        You are right. I spoke too soon! Yet, the results came out to be the same. Well done! It seems like in the latest episode, Monti didn't even use the fish sauce haha. It is a pretty pungent sauce if you aren't use to it or know how to use it.

        Final four now; dang you go girl!

  6. Sparky says:

    I could tell you have a wicked sense of humor with your 'Team Helen Keller' comment on tonight's MC. I literally busted out laughing.

  7. Denise says:

    Loved your Helen Keller quip last night!! My husband, who is totally blind, and I have been married for nearly 35 years so I know how important a sense of humor is! Occasionally when I say something to him, he replies….WHAT? My response has sometimes been – OK Helen! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Christine! Take these sighted people down!!

    • Christine Ha says:

      Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you understand it was meant to be a harmless joke. I've gotten some backlash for making that joke as though I disrespected Helen Keller, but that was not at all my intention. I have mad respect for her. Or maybe people thought I was making fun of Monti's hearing, but it's true. She talked about it all the time; she's a DJ, so her hearing has gone bad over time.

  8. Amy says:

    I've been rooting for you since you made Cá kho tộ (It's been one of my favorite dishes since I was little)! I can't cook, but I'm definitely going to try some of your recipes on this blog. Thanks for being such a great role model in television, especially as a Vietnamese American! Oh and also thank you for my favorite moment of the show thus far when ryan had to taste your crab dish after he gave you the live crab. So satisfying.

  9. Crystal says:

    I'm watching our DVR'd show right now. Great Hellen Keller joke, lol. Yeah, everyone who freaked out about the Olympics comment needs to chill out. Humor is good. Sarcasm is even better. 😉

  10. Heather says:

    Your "Team Helen Keller" quip made me bust out laughing! People need to take a chill pill. I have noticed the sarcastic comments you've made in other episodes and I love them all! They're never mean, just really really funny!
    And by the way, I can't IMAGINE cooking in a professional kitchen, even though I absolutely love cooking. You all did so well, considering you have no training! I would have been freaking out back there.

  11. Gridlockmanifesto says:

    I love the Olympics too Christine; the opening and closing! I’m not much for sports, but I LOVE cooking, so I was very sad to have to wait to see MasterChef again. I wasn’t disappointed though after watching the episode and my wife and I are SO glad you are still there. It must be awful watching, waiting and keeping the secret. I got started watching last year when my Dish coworker suggested I watch, and although I’m glad I started, it is better that I can watch commercial free now. I use Auto Hop to skip commercials on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings and it helps me get the hour long show done in 40 minutes. That gives me more time to watch another show, or get to bed a little earlier.

  12. Juma says:

    I don't believe Joe's nasty comment at all during the hatfield challenge. At your audition he looked like he fell in love with you at first sight. There were tears of admiration in his eyes during your audition. He's just trying to be the bad guy in this recent episode. We love you here in Azerbaijan!

  13. teresa powell says:

    Christine your amazing!

  14. Tim C says:

    Watching you cook each episode is phenomenal. Especially tonights episode that left Gordon speechless. You are amazing and an inspiration to everyone

  15. Renee Chung says:

    Congratulations Christine! I just watched the finale of MC3 and I couldn't be happier for you! I was holding my husband's hand praying that you would be the winner. And when you were announced I did a victory dance ( and forced my husband to do it with me too)! Just wanted you to know that I loved watching you cook every episode and you truly are an inspiration. I am not a good cook at all and don't always enjoy doing it but watching you makes me want to discover the joy of cooking. Thank you for sharing your journey! Can I ask what you did to celebrate? =)

    • Christine Ha says:

      Thanks for the victory dance! LOL. I celebrated with some drinks with friends.

      • Cyndy says:

        Christine, I know this is late in saying but, YOU ROCK! I didn't even know about your blog until my good friend Carol found it. I'm so happy for you and you deserved to win. You made a big believer out of Joe Bastianich and that is not an easy feat. You are an amazing woman and give us all hope and encouragement that if we persevere, we can do accomplish our goals in life. Monti was right, you are amazing

  16. Jessica says:

    Christine, my boyfriend is a huge fan. He was so happy when you won masterchef that he cryed. So I was hoping that you could tell me when youe cook book is coming out so that I can buy it for him. But you know what would really make him happy? If you could autograph it for him. Congradulations on your win, we are both so happy for you.

    • Christine Ha says:

      Thanks for your support. My cookbook is slated to hit bookshelves in the spring. Be sure to follow me here or on my social media to keep up with updates.

  17. Atikah says:

    Christine, I am very proud of you. Please do not let the haters bother you. I want to share my experience with you. Yesterday,
    I blind folded myself and cook a simple steam fish with tofu and stir-fly vegetables. I have my daughter assist me. Mind you
    it not easy. Its take longer than 1 hour and it was a messed. So if any haters pass any bad comment, just ask them to try.
    Best of luck and Happy New Year. May 2013 be a very good year for you and your family.,

    • Christine Ha says:

      Thanks for the support. I love it when people blindfold themselves or close their eyes and attempt to cook. I feel it's a step towards compassion.

  18. Roshaida says:

    Hi Christine. From earlier on in the masterchef episode, you have already displayed your wonderful sense of humor. Remember the scene when Cindy told you that you had the live crab and that it was moving in your basket; upon which you jokingly replied that maybe you should hit it with your cane! Your reply really make me laugh so hard, and it makes me realize that you can be goofy at times; it makes me love you more. Continue with the (non malicious) sarcasms in your future posts regardless of the negative reviews, as haters will be haters. BTW, in the Hatfield eipisode, Joe did apologise for his rather unkind remarks about you towards the end of the episode. I think Joe would prefer to have his unkind predictions proven wrong, and he gentlemanly admitted his mistakes.

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