*Update – Video has been taken down. 🙁

My bro-in-law posted this on my Facebook today. You would think I’m completely used to hearing myself on the small screen by now, but no, I am still horrified at the sound of my voice. This clip is funny, though, since it’s got all these dramatic camera angles and music. So crazy how editing can affect the consumer experience; it reinforces the importance of editing my own creative writing. (Ah, you like how I tied together the two passions of my life, food and literature?)

The third and most epic season yet of “MasterChef” premieres Monday and Tuesday, June 4 and 5, at 9/8 PM CDT on FOX. A witch, a pissing horse, a lollipop-sucking monkey–hot stuff…how can you resist?


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  1. Michael Chen says:

    Lollll this is great! haha

  2. Nancy says:

    post your recipes for the dumplings

  3. Cat M says:

    Congratulations Christine for winning the masterchef! You are truly an inspiration! I don't watch a lot of TV show but I had to make sure I got home in time to see the show from long hours working as a resident physician. I cheered and cried [good tears] watching you in the show. What a remarkable journey! I can't wait for your cookbook and hopefully your gastropub in the future! Yes, I will fly into Houston just to taste your food!

    • Christine Ha says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Keep doing what you're doing to improve this world. And I'd be honored if you came to eat at my gastropub. 🙂

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