I don’t know what’s come over me. The older I get, the more daring I become. Or maybe the courage came with the vision loss, an illogical need to overly compensate to feel “normal”—“everything you can do, I can do too.”

Whatever the motivation, it has driven me to skydive two years ago and ski last year. My most recent adventure involves strapping both my feet to a board and skidding down an icy mountain. That’s right, I tried snowboarding last month. A bunch of friends decided to take a trip to Breckenridge again, and again, I called the BOEC to schedule boarding lessons. I was surprised to find that boarding came more naturally to me than skiing. I was less miserable this time and could even say I had fun. I was psyched to be able to go down the green and connect my turns a little from toe to heel by the second day. My teacher insisted that I was better than a lot of sighted beginning boarders. I think the key was the no fear factor—because I couldn’t see how steep a slope was or where the obstacles were, I just had to go with it and fully trust my instructor. I also think I had great instructors who, obviously, are highly trained. Thanks, BOEC, for helping people of all abilities enjoy the outdoors.

Here is a video John got of me snowboarding down the green with Wendy, my instructor. I’m slow as hell, but hey, I can say I carved on my very first trip! I hope this video inspires you—know that you can really do anything if you put your mind to it. Happy New Year, everyone!


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  1. Daniel says:


  2. Renny says:

    you're incredible!

  3. J. Dent says:

    You sure have guts. Skydiving, skiing, and snowboarding, that's really something. I find the skydiving really impressive myself. I mean, I'd never have the nerve to do it, but if I did, the only thoughts I'd probably have would be, "Not like this." You really are a wonder and not just with food. If you don't mind the asking, do you think you'll try any more daredevil stuff?

    It's an older post, but posting on your blog is still really new to me.

    • Christine Ha says:

      It's funny but the older and blinder I get, the more daring I become. Quite counterintuitive, no? I am planning another snowboarding trip this December; my goal is to learn to board pretty well (not necessarily fast) by 2014. I don't have a desire to bungee jump, so I can't really think of anything else I'd do. ANy suggestions? LOL.

      • J. Dent says:

        You're asking someone with nerves of Jell-O for suggestions. LOL. The most extreme thing I've done is a skydiving simulator, and I had to be talked into doing it. Aside from that, just trying to get on a roller coaster is extreme enough for me, and most of the time, I chicken out before I get in line. 😛

        Since I'm not a daredevil in any sense, I don't usually have a lot of ideas for things like that. The only other things I know of that are really daring would be parasailing and rock climbing, the latter being in my own opinion.

  4. I like that video about blind boarder

  5. […] If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you would’ve known I was in Breckenridge, Colorado, this past weekend to work on my snowboarding skills. And yes, the blind can snowboard. […]

  6. Cricket world cup says:

    I really like this video

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