I can’t believe the Blind Cook is turning one in a few weeks. It’s been a whole year??? My, how time flies, yet it seems like this blog has been keeping at it, trucking along slowly but surely.

In celebration of this blog turning one on July 23,I will now reveal to you my true identity (although it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out in the first place what with my Twitter account and other blogs of which I’m a part). But yes, hellow, I’m Christine. What’s your name?

I think it took me some time to “come out” because I was still not yet entirely comfortable in my own skin when I first started this blog. I thought, What if there are weirdos out there who find out I’m a sight-impaired woman and decides to drive all the way to Houston and mug me? Or I just wasn’t jiving with the thought of a stranger recognizing me and heckling me for my online thoughts. But now, I’ve decided I’m going to man up and own my identity, Blind Cook and all. Before you know it, I’ll even have a photo of myself up. Reward?

Now that we’ve got that awkwardness out of the way, I must address something that you may have noticed has been lacking lately on this site, and that’s food and restaurant reviews. That’s because starting in May, I began writing for the Houston Press‘s food and drink blog, Eating Our Words. I write two posts a week for them, and while they are not always food reviews (and no, we do not get comp’ed for our meals), I do once in awhile write my thoughts on a particular local eatery. And being the Blind Cook and thus, the Non-Driver, it isn’t easy for me to hop in a car and get on over to the next new dive, so I found I had to conserve my reviews for the HP blog which, yes, means the reviews on my own personal blog are sacrificed. This is the unfortunate circumstance of things. But it has been fun to reach a wider audience, despite some of the hipster and d-bags I’ve encountered (take a look at this post from when I was a wee HP blogger and got torn a new one). Thankfully, they haven’t been as harsh since, and I attributed the meanness as a form of online hazing I had to go through as a new writer.

All in all, it’s been and hopefully will continue to be a great experience. Now that you know who I am, please take a moment to check out my posts there, too. With all this blogging, how’s a girl supposed to get her thesis done?

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3 Discussion to this post

  1. esther says:

    Happy first birthday! 🙂

  2. the Blind Cook says:

    esther: Thanks!

  3. choirrific says:

    that's funny, blind cook. there's a girl at my church with the same name, similar condition, and rocks on the drums. i think you two would get along. 😀

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