Here is a continuation of gripes I have as a blind person. Money sucks. Not in the philosophical sense, but physically. And to be specific, I mean U.S. money sucks. To be more specific, U.S. currency sucks, i.e. the actual 75% cotton and 25% linen bills that we (if we’re fortunate) carry around in our wallets every day.

In most other countries I’ve visited, the currency takes the form of different sized (and thus, weighted) coins and different sized paper bills. While the U.S. has distinct coins with their varying sizes and ridged vs. smooth edges, all of our paper bills come in the exact same size. I as a sight-impaired individual hate this.

Today before going to lunch, I was trying to count my money so that I would have cash on hand, an attempt at avoiding the credit card dance I so often find myself doing when dining out with friends. I had to use my trusty Amigo portable CCTV to magnify each bill, and because there are at least two generations of American currency floating out there, I didn’t even know where to begin looking for the most legible number denoting denomination. It took me ten minutes to do what a sighted person would be able to do in less than ten seconds. Frustrating, to say the least. Why won’t the U.S. print different sized bills? My guess is that it would cost too much to reprint currency and properly circulate it, swapping out the old for the new. I know there are blind people who are lobbying this issue, and I think it’s only fair, especially after the ADA was established, that the visually impaired never be placed in a position where they are confused about their monies. It would aid in independence, and although it would take a special kind of asshole to rip a blind person off, why allow that chance to happen? Change the sizes of U.S. currency, America, and level the playing field for those who are sight-impaired.

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  1. dark mark says:

    i remember reading about those subtle differences in currency somewhere before (maybe here). had never really thought of the difficulties of choosing the correct denominations, but it makes sense. i could see how frustrating it could become. i also agree more easily identifiable bills should be produced.

  2. j5uh says:

    I think the easier system is to convert everything to wireless pay with phones, or RFID credit cards. No more swiping needed, just wave. Of course this causes potential security issues but it is the future and physical money is a dying platform.

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