Twisted Root Burger Co.
2615 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226

4/5 buttery buns

U.F.O. beer

I like 'em milky.

Note: There are more than one Twisted Root locations so click on the link above to find the most convenient one for you.

Within the past few months, John and I had taken a trip to Dallas and L.A., both for NMO conferences of some sort. While the forefront of the trip was for learning about the latest NMO issues, the rest of the time was spent in search of good food.

Before heading up north, I did a little research into the must-eats of Dallas. After talking to a classmate who grew up in the Big D and poking around online, I settled on two places: Twisted Root and a place to be named next time.

Apparently Twisted Root has been featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” on the Food Network (whose host John can’t stand). But in spite of my husband’s loathing of Guy Fieri with his backwards sunglasses and wrist sweatband, we decided to pay the burger joint a visit for dinner.


Love 'em buns.

I ordered their regular cheeseburger, John had their turkey burger, and we ordered a side of fried pickles. While waiting for our to-go order, I tried a U.F.O. unfiltered wheat beer which I really liked. (I even might dare to say it’s my current favorite beer. I found it at HEB recently and have yet to pop one open so I will have to do the taste test again soon.) Clientele are given pop icon identities while they wait for their orders. So instead of listening for just boring old “John” or “Blind Cook” to be called, we got to be Walker, Texas Ranger for a few minutes. (And who doesn’t want to be Chuck Norris if only for ten minutes?)

The fried pickles turned out way too salty even with the ranch dip. And since I lost my fried pickle virginity to Pluckers back in college, my heart belongs to the Austin joint’s spear-cut pickles which I find superior to the chip-style cut. Cutting them into spears allows for a better crunch; cutting them into chips allows for saltier, greasier batter. And while I know many would argue the latter’s merits, I’m just biased, okay?

The burgers, though, were definitely good. My personal opinion is that the meat and the bun are what make the burger. The meat has to taste like juicy, flavorful beef. It’s gotta have a little bit of that bloody taste to it. It may sound gross, but the truth is if the patty tastes more like cardboard than cow, then it’s an inferior product. The bun is also important. It should be a little buttery, a little toasty. Not soggy, but not cut-the-roof-of-your-mouth crunchy either.

Fried pickles

Taste that juice.

John really liked his turkey burger. I liked my regular beef cheeseburger, too, but I felt my meat was slightly overcooked, resulting in a texture a tad tougher than I prefer. I know, I know. This is coming from the girl who used to order her burgers rare. (In my defense, this was before I learned about mad cow and other health risks concerning ground meats.) But I can’t fight my taste buds, and they like the carnal taste of a little animal blood, not to mention the chewy bits of cartilage. But I still give Twisted Root a 4 out of 5 because their buns were pretty awesome.

Overall, I would definitely go there again. I have yet to taste the perfect burger. In Houston, many claim it’s Beck’s Prime. Others say Pappas. Still others say Christian’s Tailgate or Petrol Station or the classic Fuddruckers. Like the perfect taco, I will eternally be on the hunt for a perfect burger. Who makes your perfect burger?

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. dark mark says:

    lovvvvve christian's mushroom swiss. another favorite is the bleu cheese bacon burger from le peep. rounding out my top 3 probably would be the Mel Burger from mel's country cafe in tomball. been a while but my memory of it is that it was delicious! mmmmmmmmmmmmm. for fast food, it is 5 guys hands down, though their patties have been looking pretty paltry lately.

  2. the Blind Cook says:

    dark mark: I agree that Christian's mushroom Swiss is their superior burger; I'd tried a regular cheeseburger there once and was unimpressed. Had no idea Le Peep served burgers–thought it was just an overpriced breakfast place. Have yet to try Mel's but it's definitely on our upcoming list of must-trys as I'm tired of hearing about it since high school. I remember reading about it in the Chronicle and having you guys visit it before I ever got to. Boo. How is their chicken fried steak? And I haven't had Five Guys in a while but I remember liking it much more than SmashBurger. You need to go to Petrol Station and try their burgers and tell me what you think. I like their HULK which contains mushrooms, spinach, and artichoke. I'd try the Rancor (bacon and fried egg) if it didn't sound too heavy.

  3. dark mark says:

    never heard of petrol station but will have to make a stop in. Le Peep's burger is pretty darn good and i get it with a side of their tortilla soup. i'm usually the only guy eating a burger at 9am but who cares! As far as Mel's is concerned, the chicken fried steak is excellent but the chicken tenders are a level higher. beer battered perfectly and SO tender; it is not all breading like those chintzy Cheddar's tenders either! even hungrier now. ugh

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