In the land of gargantuan burritos, Chipotle wins the taste test hands down. I think it’s better than some of their competitors (here’s a hint: they rhyme with “Treebirds” and “Tission Turrito”). Some say it’s the corn, others say it’s the marinade in the meat. Whatever it is, I can’t believe it’s a company owned by McDonald’s. Who knew that red-haired clown could whip up such a mean burrito?

Today and tomorrow, if you purchase a burrito or burrito bowl from Chipotle and save the receipt, you can redeem it this weekend for the same order. Here’s the coupon. Thanks to Joanna again for her cheap eat finds.

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  1. dark mark says:

    while i love me some chipotle (chipotle iphone app ftw), they need add the 'roasted garlic' option that 'Treebirds' offers. once they do, i'll never have to cheat on them ever again.

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